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Job sites like Indeed and Monster barely show any job positions for young adults. This makes it harder for teens to find legitimate jobs that they're excited about. JobFleet is an online platform focused on helping teenagers find jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities.

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We are Cruise, an electric bike sharing program geared towards students with a focus on suburban students.

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Achilles Heal is centralized around creating an intimate connection between physical therapists and their patients by developing a unique and convenient platform that enhances this relationship through a mobile app. Through our technological background and knowledge of the physical therapy space, we hope to revolutionize the industry for generations to come.

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Off the Rack relieves stress by shortening the time required for choosing an outfit and enables the user to exhibit their individuality in the clothes they wear by providing the tools to experiment with their fashion choices. Off the Rack allows mothers to find an outfit in seconds!


DineSure is a carefully curated program created by our team DR Solutions (Dietary Restrictions Solutions) that consists of a QR code and website interface; we provide a digitized menu that narrows down menu items to ones that suit the diner’s needs. A diner simply must select their allergen from a list and our program directly removes all orders that are unsafe for consumption. We are currently working with Anna’s Taqueria branch in Brookline to implement our program and we hope to safely and surely connect dietary restricted diners to restaurants. It’s always good to be “Better Sure Than Sorry”!

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Period Pouch is a monthly subscription service that provides environmentally-friendly sanitary pads as well as customizable care packages to make the menstrual experience more manageable. Our Pouches also include our innovative, authentic pad design that is gynecologist approved.

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LiveLife is a fitness company tailored towards teenagers that provides motivation for teens to workout more often through our app platform, ultimately improving their physical and mental health. Our fitness app provides 4 key elements -- Personalization, Motivation, Socialization, and Fun -- in an engaging experience through either personal development, utilizing user set goals, or friendly competition, employing real-time competitive leaderboards. With the threatening epidemic of obesity and the pandemic of COVID-19, LiveLife’s vision is to be a global market leader in promoting healthy habits among teenagers because building good habits as young teens carries into the future as mature adults.


Remedic was formed to find the solution to a common problem, joint pain. Joint issues affect hundreds of million people worldwide and cause limitations in their daily activities. The worst part is that 81% of people are unsatisfied with their current methods of pain relief which is crazy considering the high prices of medical treatment these days. Our first product, SmartBrace, was designed to help solve this problem. By incorporating three main pain relief methods into one device and pairing it with a companion app that controls the brace via Bluetooth, we are giving our customers the chance to take their recovery back into their own hands. 

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OurTown helps new residents make friends with others in their community through their common interests with an online group discussion and event-organizing platform.

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EdAssist is an online peer to peer education platform through which students can receive help from qualified EdAssistants of their own age with whom they can relate. Regardless of where they are located nationwide, our students receive quality education from EdAssistants who are always available through online channels. We’re here to provide a flexible learning and tutoring experience to supplement today's education system.


PuresTech Solutions has created AhiBot, the autonomous waste reduction robot, to collect and sort trash in areas with a large concentration of waste.

We are evergreen bioplastics and our mission is to provide a green solution to plastic pollution. Resealable plastic bags are usually overlooked as a contributor to plastic pollution despite the tons of resealable bags that enter the ocean each year. Our solution to this problem is creating a biodegradable cornstarch based bioplastic alternative to current bags.

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We are a public speaking app for children that helps them improve their speaking through speaking exercises that target their weaknesses and an entertaining game-based program. We want children to gain the confidence to make connections from a young age so they can carry these public speaking skills with themselves in the future.

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We are Team FoodCycle, a mission-based group with the goal of reducing food waste in restaurants and helping the underprivileged. FoodCycle is a service that allows businesses to profit off of unsold food throughout the day and gives an opportunity for businesses to connect with charitable organizations through its robust application.

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