Join the Boston boot camp where high schoolers come to develop critical business and leadership skills for a career in STEM, entrepreneurship and startups.

2020-2021 TYE Student 

Entrepreneurship Academy

Call for applications now open

TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) is a global program dedicated to fostering future generations of industry leaders by teaching high school students the rewards and challenges of becoming an entrepreneur. The TYE Academy provides a hands-on learning environment where high school students experiment, build resilience and collaborate. 

Through a series of immersive virtual workshops, student teams utilize modern skills and tools to bring ideas to life by learning how to get customer feedback, how to iterate and consider different business models.

The next TYE Academy will run from October 2020 through May 2021. 

Give your student entrepreneur their best chance to succeed

Proven over 10+ years, our robust business curriculum empowers driven, self-starting student entrepreneurs to be the visionaries of the next generation and provides the building blocks for the launch of their most successful career. As a non-disruptive addition to regular academic programs at school, student entrepreneurs will:


Work with a team to build
a real startup

Learn directly from top industry
experts & startup founders

Build a professional network
and make lifelong connections

From being accepted into top colleges to starting their careers, our graduates have exceeded in both the academic and professional world. Our real-world career training has already produced hundreds of New England TYE graduates:


of alumni report
increased ability
to lead


of alumni report TYE
inspired them to start
their own company


of alumni report TYE
influenced their decision to
pursue a career path in STEM


TYE Alumni:
make the next student success story yours


  • Himaja Nagireddy

    TYE 2013


  • Saniya Shah

    TYE 2010


  • Kartik Shastri

    TYE 2005


  • Arun Nijhawan

    TYE 2005


  • Aneri Soni

    TYE 2013


TYE Mentors:
access an incredible network of proven entrepreneurs

  • Philip Toussaint

    Ecopreneur Media


  • Asit Goel



  • Sheri Palazzo



  • Tuan Ho

    Scholar Jet


  • Anjali Midha

    Diesel Labs


TYE Supporters:
network with the game-changers

  • Dr. Amar Sawhney

    Augmenix, Inc.


  • Emily Ladd-Kravitz

    Greenberg Traurig, LLP


  • Jit Saxena



  • Desh Deshpande

    MIT Deshpande Center


  • Niraj Shah



Ready to learn

Orient yourself and your student leader into the many facets of learning from top startup founders and industry experts. See what it takes to apply.

Ready to join
the Academy?

Ready to attend your top choice school? Ready to impress hiring managers? Ready to become a next generation leader and create a better future?

The TYE Entrepreneurship Academy is part of TiE

TiE is the world’s largest not-for-profit network dedicated to helping startups grow and fostering future innovators. Through an unparalleled network of successful, seasoned entrepreneurs who are deeply engaged and committed to giving back to the community - the TiE Network has reached 12,000 members across 18 countries and contributed to $250B in wealth creation. Throughout the past 25 years, TiE Chapters around the world have become a vibrant platform for entrepreneurs, professionals, industry leaders, and investors to interact with one another and forge long-lasting relationships.

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