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Runs from October to April on alternate Saturdays

Spark creativity, build confidence and increase problem solving skills among high school aged youth

Work in teams to build startups

 Learn and receive mentoring from entrepreneurs and thought leaders

Teams win up to $5K in seed funding

Sessions held in the heart of innovation at the CiC in Kendall Square

Winning team from Boston is invited to compete at the TYE Global Competition held each summer! 

Applications are open!

Visit our Application Page to learn more. 


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14 years of fostering youth entrepreneurship 

400+ participants have graduated from the program

100% report increase of skills to work effectively as a team

97% report increased ability to lead

100% report increased confidence

90% report participating in TYE influenced their decision to pursue studies and a career path in STEM

40% state that participating in TYE inspired them to start their own company



TYE is dedicated to fostering the next generation of leaders by creating a new learning environment where high school aged participants can experiment, build resilience, and collaborate to create more productive and successful pathways to their personal and professional goals. 


With the opportunity to experience the challenges and rewards of becoming an entrepreneur, we envision a world where TYE Alumni are prepared and eager to participate as thought leaders, industry experts and community builders to create a more collaborative and innovative society. 

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We believe in creating a brave space for young people to experiment and grow.

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We are proud of the 400+ alumni who have participated in the TYE program. They continue to grow and develop as leaders in their communities.


Here is what a few had to say about the program:  


TYE helped me grow as a person. People think this course is just for business and although its main purpose is business, TYE helped me become a better leader, helped me cope with problems during a team project, and still taught me everything I know about business. - A.K., 2016 - 2017

TYE really influenced me on my path to working towards a degree in finance and I plan to start my career as a venture capital analyst/associate. - S.V., 2014 - 2015

TYE really helped me see medicine in a new light, a field I have been interested in since I was a kid. I got to research and present predictive analytics, an up and running field of technology in the medical space while conceptualizing ways to fit this idea into a unique business plan. This was an extremely eye-opening, challenging experience that forced my team and me out of our comfort zones. - J.P., 2015 - 2016

When I started TYE, I actually thought of this class as more of a lecture and that when they meant "start" a company, I thought of a more simplified version. I didn't think we needed to create a slide presentation, data tables, or do the inner workings real business people accomplish. However, maybe 3 weeks in I felt ready to do these tasks. We were lectured but were put into practice right after allowing us to grasp what we learned rather than memorizing it. After TYE I felt that understanding the topic is a lot more useful and valuable in the future compared to memorization. Even though we didn't win the competition, my team knew we weren't going to lose these skills for years to come, because it's hard to forget all the memories you built with your team. The hardships, stresses, and successes are what brought us together at the end. - S.T.P., 2016 - 2017

This program has helped me learn way more than just basic entrepreneurship skills, I’ve learned how to work as a team. Also, I met some of my best friends and I got the chance to work with the best team ever. This is an opportunity I’ll never forget! I’ve already recommended it to all my friends! - P.S., 2017 - 2018


TYE is a youth entrepreneurship program started by TiE Boston in 2005. In 2009, the TiE Young Entrepreneurs Program went global and is now being offered in 28 different cities under TiE Global. 

TiE Young Entrepreneurs Program runs under 

TiE-Boston Foundation, Inc, a 501c3  nonprofit.

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