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Want to Volunteer to support the 2020-2021

TiE Young Entrepreneur's Cohort? 

Join us for the 2020-2021 TiE Young Entrepreneurs Program Year and help inspire the future industry experts, community builders and thought leaders!

Volunteer Opportunities available: 

Be a Mentor

Teacher Assisting a Student


  • Mid to Established Professional

  • Someone excited to support the next generation

  • Has a passion for giving back

Role Description: 

Our mentors dedicate two hours for eight Saturday sessions to coach a team of young entrepreneurs through the rewards and challenges of creating a startup. 

Commitment: NOV-MAY. 8 SESSIONS; 2 HOURS EACH in person.

Cohort A Mentor Session Schedule:

  • December 14th 4:30PM-6:30PM- Mentor Training     (dinner provided)

  • December 21st 2PM-4PM

  • January 18th 2PM-4PM

  • February 8th 2PM-4PM

  • February 15th 2PM-4PM

  • March 7th 2PM-4PM

  • March 28th 2PM-4PM

  • April 4th 2PM-4PM

  • April 18th Local Competition Day (Timing TBD)

Cohort B Mentor Session Schedule:​

  • December 14th 4:30PM-6:30PM- Mentor Training      (dinner provided)

  • January 11th 2PM-4PM

  • January 25th 2PM-4PM

  • February 1st 2PM-4PM

  • February 29th 2PM-4PM

  • March 21st 2PM-4PM

  • March 28th 2PM-4PM

  • April 4th 2PM-4PM

  • April 18th - Local Competition Day (Timing TBD

Be a Consultant



  • Expert in field

  • Excited to help students find solutions to their challenges and share their knowledge with the next generation!

Role Description: 

Experts in their fields who rotate between teams and provide focused 1:1 time to problem solve through difficult challenges.

Commitment: 1 SESSION; 2-3 HOURS 

Be a Guest Speaker

Giving a Speech


  • Founder or C-Suite Executive

  • Energized to share your story and journey with young people!

Role Descriptions: 

Provide engaging real-life context to the content presented in the curriculum

Commitment: 1 SESSION; 1 HOUR

Interested in Volunteering?

Email Katie Quigley Mellor at 

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