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Katie Quigley Mellor.jpg

TYE Program Director

  • 3 years working with high school student entrepreneurs

  • 2 years scaling and improving a high school entrepreneurship and mentor program (according to Elements of Effective Practice)

  • 2 years experience in community engagement and corporate volunteer recruitment

  • Passionate about exposing entrepreneurship and STEM education to youth of all ages!

  • Fun Fact: Before starting her career supporting entrepreneurship education, Katie performed as a professional actor in various regional productions and has toured Asia and the Middle East.

Why are you involved in TYE? 

What amazes me about the TYE program is the dedication from board members, charter members, staff and parents alike to foster a healthy community where young people can try on many different hats and explore where their passion and skills might lead them. The TYE program has an incredible legacy of providing high school students the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship, strengthen their interpersonal skills and practice their professional skills all while participating in a robust curriculum that has been proven over the past 10+ years. The fact that TYE Alumni have credited this program for being the catalyst to a career in business, finance or entrepreneurship is a true testament to the care that went in to creating it here in Boston.  

I firmly believe that high school students have the creativity, passion and capacity to create the world they want to see and that entrepreneurship provides them the tools they will need to make those thoughts a reality. I look forward to supporting the current and future TYE participants as they embark on this wonderful journey!  


Marvin Vilma

TYE Instructor

Marvin was raised in Queens, NY. His parents, both Haitian immigrants, taught him the value of education and entrepreneurship at a young age, and consequently, Marvin developed a curiosity for both. He became a teacher and entrepreneur to design experiences and build ventures that address community needs, particularly making education more accessible and opportunities equitable. Most recently, Marvin founded Teaching +  Learning Lab, a professional learning community of teachers who want to experiment with project-based learning and other pedagogies. In all of his entrepreneurial pursuits, Marvin is an advocate for coalition building and collaborative design, because we are better together. Marvin is a graduate of Colgate University and UPenn GSE.

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